Transafe Indonesia

Transafe Indonesia is one of a HSEQ training, consulting and certification services company which operates in Indonesia, South Asia and Middle East.Transafe provide a complete range of HSEQ training, consulting and certification for your company to plan and implement Health, Safety, Environment and Quality programs.We are internationally and nationaly member of:
  • British Safety Council No. S0401956 – 12820,
  • National Fire Protection Association 2968186
  • Migas/Oil & Gas Registered Services & Support Company N 0717/SKT-02/DMT/2013
  • Migas Official partnership institution for MIGAS training and certification body SK No.1125K/78.07/DJM/2013
  • ESDM / Energy & Mineral Resources Republic Indonesia Registered Services & Support Company No. 1165/30/DJB/2014
  • Ministry of Human Resource Republic Indonesia –

HSEQ Training Company Registration

No.  067/PPK/PJK3/VI/2017 For Mechanic No.  110/PPK/PJK3/VII/2017 For Fire No.  111/PPK/PJK3/VII/2017 For Construction No.  126/PPK/PJK3/VII/2017 For Health at Work No.  174/PPK/PJK3/XII/2017 For Hazard at Work and Dangeraous Good No.  60/PPK/PJK3/IV/2017 For Power & Electrician Power No.  202/DJPPK/V/2017 For HSE Management System

  • Professional Certification Body Approved by Indonesian Professional Certification Authority (BNSP)
  • Competences Assessment Venue Approved from Professional Certification Body (LSP – MIGAS, MINERBA, ICCOSH, IKI & Others)
  • Association of Indonesian Health & Safety Work (ALPK3I)
  • Indonesian & International HSE Forum
Transafe Indonesia is officially registered company by Republic Indonesia government to provide HSEQ training and certification which accepted satisfies in Indonesian and South Asia market and industries.Also our training programs are referred to International guidelines and National standard competences curriculum and delivered by experiences and professional instructors and registered assessor from Professional Certification Body.For all benefits and to success your company HSEQ  programs, Transafe Indonesia ready to establish a good relationship and support your company as a partnership solution in HSEQ training, consulting and certification programs to maintain ZERO ACCIDENT and SAFETY CULTURE TRANSFORMATION. 


TRANSAFE will always aware and concern that HEALTH, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT AND QUALITY IS THE FIRST PRIORITY in every attitude for every industries. And Transafe had a concern to Improve awareness, Knowledge, Skill and Attitude of Human Resources and stand to be the most accountable and the most reliable partner in providing HSEQ training, consulting and certification programs.Our Visions are:
  • Educated and certified human resources in HSEQ Competences
  • Promote and Transform Safety & Health Culture
  • Develop Qualified Human Resources in HSEQ
  • Assisting client to success HSEQ programs
  • Leading HSEQ training in Indonesia
  • To be the First Choice of HSEQ Training Indonesia


TRANSAFE commit to serve our customers with the Quality method and Best services, and Transafe like to establish a long lasting relationship with customers and put all customers trust as the highest appreciation that need to be cared seriously and professionally.Our Visions are:
  • To comply Client Requirements and provide the best option of HSEQ Solution
  • Provide Expertise and Professional Instructors, Assessors and Crews in Handling Clients Order
  • Provide the accountable training material, best training and assessment method, satisfy services, quick response, smart solution, reasonable price and effective working system
  • Provide appropriate Training tools, PPE and Practical Equipment Support

Services Industries

Our training, consulting and certification programs are covered industries:
  • Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas,
  • Mining,
  • Maritime/Shipping,
  • Aviation,
  • Construction,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Water,
  • Manufacture,
  • Food and catering,
  • Warehouse and storage,
  • Underwater,
  • Hospital,
  • Building/Offices,
  • And other industries which concern with safety.
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